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ktest Red Hat Certification RH202認定では、エントリ レベルのネットワーク サポート担当者に要求される技能を備えていることが証明されます。Red Hat Certification 認定資格は、ネットワーキング関連の多数の有望なキャリアにおける出発点となります。受験者には、基本的なネットワーク セキュリティを含め、小規模なエンタープライズ ブランチ ネッワークの導入、運用、およびトラブルシューティングを行う知識と技能が要求されます。Red Hat Certification 認定資格はRed Hatを取得するための最初のステップです。Red Hat Certification では、より複雑な接続形態で構成される中規模のエンタープライズ ブランチ ネットワークが試験範囲に含まれています。以下はRed Hat Certification 認定試験概要で、ご参考ください。

試験名称:Redhat Certified Technician on Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 (Labs)

Change the root Password to redtophat
Answer and Explanation:Boot the system in Single user modeUse the passwd command

Dig Server1.example.com, Resolve to successfully through DNS Where DNS server is
Answer and Explanation:
#vi /etc/resolv.conf
# dig server1.example.com
#host server1.example.com
DNS is the Domain Name System, which maintains a database that can help your computer
translate domain names such as www.redhat.com to IP addresses such as As
no individual DNS server is large enough to keep a database for the entire Internet, they can refer
requests to other DNS servers.
DNS is based on the named daemon, which is built on the BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain)
package developed through the Internet Software Consortium
Users wants to access by name so DNS will interpret the name into ip address. You need to
specify the Address if DNS server in each and every client machine. In Redhat Enterprise Linux,
you need to specify the DNS server into /etc/resolv.conf file.
After Specifying the DNS server address, you can verify using host, dig and nslookup commands.

Create the partition having 100MB size and mount it on /mnt/neo
Answer and Explanation:
1. Use fdisk /dev/hda ¨¤ To create new partition.
2. Type n ¨¤ For New partitions
3. It will ask for Logical or Primary Partitions. Press l for logical.
4. It will ask for the Starting Cylinder: Use the Default by pressing Enter Key.
5. Type the Size: +100M ¨¤ You can Specify either Last cylinder of Size her.
6. Press P to verify the partitions lists and remember the partitions name.
7. Press w to write on partitions table.
8. Either Reboot or use partprobe command.
9. Use mkfs -t ext3 /dev/hda? Where ? is your partition number
10. Or
11. mke2fs -j /dev/hda? ¨¤ To create ext3 filesystem.
12. mkdir /mnt/neo
13. vi /etc/fstab
14. Write:
15. /dev/hda? /mnt/neo ext3 defaults 1 2
16. Verify by mounting on current Sessions also:
17. mount /dev/hda? /mnt/neo

Your System is going use as a router for and Enable the IP
Answer and Explanation:
1. echo "1" >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
2. vi /etc/sysctl.conf
/proc is the virtual filesystem, containing the information about the running kernel. To change the
parameter of running kernel you should modify on /proc. From Next reboot the system, kernel will
take the value from /etc/sysctl.conf.

Some users home directory is shared from your system. Using showmount -e localhost command, the
shared directory is not shown. Make access the shared users home directory.
Answer and Explanation:
1. Verify the File whether Shared or not ? : cat /etc/exports
2. Start the nfs service: service nfs start
3. Start the portmap service: service portmap start
4. Make automatically start the nfs service on next reboot: chkconfig nfs on
5. Make automatically start the portmap service on next reboot: chkconfig portmap on
6. Verify either sharing or not: showmount -e localhost
7. Check that default firewall is running on system ? if running flush the iptables using iptables -F and stop
the iptables service.

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