killtest ISEB Certification認定資格では、短期間で達成可能なISEB Certification資格取得パスが設定されており、従来以上に低コストで資格取得が可能な構成となっています。多くのうまくいっているIT企業のための国際基準になりました。多くのシステム管理者として働いています。自分のスキルアップのために、ISEB Certification資格を取得しなければなりません。

killtest BH0-013模擬試験の問題は研究分野の専門家によって書かれて、BH0-013試験合格できるのを保障します。ネットワークエンジニア初めてkilltestのBH0-013模擬問題を使用してから、ISEB Certification認定試験をパスするのに自信を持っています。BH0-013試験合格になって、killtest認定資格を手に入れて、見事な仕事をできます。

The required competencies of a business analyst are classified into three categories. Which of the
following is one of these three categories.?
A. Management Qualities.
B. Business Knowledge.
C. IT Skills
D. Project Skills.
Answer: B

When should benefits realisation be carried out?
A. Immediately at the end of the project.
B. At the beginning of the project.
C. At the end of the finalised feasibility study.
D. Months or years after the end of the project.
Answer: D

Which of the following statement is TRUE about the process view of an organisation?
A. It focuses on the customer of the organisation.
B. It focuses solely on the internal view of the organisation.
C. It focuses on the functions of an organisation.
D. It focuses on the organisational structure.
Answer: A

As part of an investigation a Business Analyst has devised a form for users of an existing system to use
to keep track of the tasks they undertake during their working day. Which of the following describes this
investigation technique?
A. Special purpose records,
B. Scenario analysis.
C. Questionnaires.
D. Activity sampling.
Answer: A

On a class diagram, what do the multiplicities represent?
A. The number of attributes held within each class.
B. The minimum and maximum number of operations in each class.
C. The minimum and maximum number of objects in each class.
D. The business rules for an association between two classes.
Answer: D

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