Network Appliance NetCache

1. A complete listing of Network Appliance support centers is available at _____.
A. www.netapp.com
B. ftp.netapp.com
C. now.netapp.com
D. NetCache online help
Answer: C

2. The NetCache appliance may be used for all of the following EXCEPT _____.
A. HTTP URL filtering
B. SMTP proxy
C. DNS caching
D. NFS caching
Answer: B

3. Which TWO vendors?content filtering databases are supported on the NetCache?
A. SurfControl
B. WebWasher
C. Secure Computing
D. TrendMicro
Answer: BC

4. Which one of the following services is not a service supported by ICAP?
A. Virus scanning of content received through HTTP.
B. Virus scanning of email content
C. URL filtering
D. Active content stripping
Answer: B

5. Network Appliance field alerts _______ and _________.
A. are available at "www.netapp.com"
B. may be received via email
C. are available at "now.netapp.com"
D. replace autosupport
Answer: BC

6. Network Appliance maintains a record of customer product information on the NOW site and this data
is ______ .
A. available to anyone with NOW access
B. only available to authorized users
C. available only during business hours
D. only available to NetApp support staff
Answer: B

7. Which one of the following NetCache appliances has a maximum storage capacity of 504G Bytes?
A. C1200
B. C2100
C. C6200
D. All the above
Answer: B

8. Which TWO of the following statements are equivalent?
A. set config.http.ports "8080" "8081"
B. set config.http.ports \\ 8080
C. set config.http.ports // 8080 , 8081 \\
D. set config.http.ports "8080 , 8081"
Answer: AB

9. Which one of the following methods can be used to manage the NetCache appliance but cannot be
used to access the Command Line Interface (CLI)?
A. Console
B. Telnet
C. rsh
Answer: D

10. Which command would you use to see the available option choices for the show config.http.acl
A. help
B. show config.http.acl.?
C. config.acl help
D. help config.acl
Answer: B

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