SUN認定に対してSUN SCMAD 310-110試験テストは重要な資格になっています、killtestのSCMAD試験の品質がレアルSCMAD試験と同じくらい厳しくて、同じくらい同様であることを保証するために公式の 証明SCMAD試験についてSUN研究し続ける、SUN ソフトウェアデザインに集中SUNすることの代わりに提供いたします、一発合格することも保証できます、ご使用安心してください!この数年間、killtestはIT関係模擬試験用ソフトへの開発及び最高品質の模擬試験問題集の作成に取組んでおります。ご受験前に、弊方にて扱っているIT認定製品を短期間で身につけられる問題演習としてご使用頂ければ、試験に合格できる最も有力な保証となります。

SUN SCMAD 310-110
1.During a MIDlet suite installation, a JTWI-compliant device performs the following actions:
downloads and installs the JAD file downloads the JAR file fails to install the MIDlet suite What is
the correct behavior?
A.The device must log the failure in persistent storage.
B.The device must free the space allocated for that MIDlet suite.
C.The device must save the JAD and the JAR file for future upgrading.
D.The device must save the JAD file for future downloads of the same MIDlet suite.
2.Given: a JAR containing a MIDlet named TesterMIDlet a JAD with this content: CertificationExam:
Sun Certified Mobile Application DeveloperMIDlet-1: TesterMIDlet, , certification.TesterMIDlet
MIDlet-Jar-Size: 2038 MIDlet-Jar-URL: Certification.jar MIDlet-Name: Certification MIDlet-Vendor: A
Testing Company MIDlet-Version: 1.0 MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.0 MicroEdition-Profile:
MIDP-2.0 This MIDlet needs to get the property with the key CertificationExam defined in the JAD.
This needs to be assigned to a String ExamName from within the MIDlet.startApp() method. What
is the correct way to accomplish this?
A.String ExamName = System.getProperty("CertificationExam");
B.String ExamName = this.getAppProperty("CertificationExam");
C.String ExamName = System.getProperty("MIDlet-CertificationExam");
D.String ExamName = this.getAppProperty("MIDlet-CertificationExam");
3.A MIDlet has entered the paused state. Which is a valid action to attempt to make it active?
A.The MIDlet calls its own startApp() method.
B.The MIDlet has to wait quietly to be rescheduled.
C.The MIDlet cannot revert back to the active state.
D.The MIDlet calls resumeRequest() through a timer.
4.Which is true regarding the use of Thread objects in a CLDC 1.1 compliant virtual machine?
A.To stop a Thread, a developer can use the stop() method.
B.A Thread can be stopped only from the inside of a MIDlet class.
C.There is no way for one Thread to force another Thread to stop.
D.A Thread lives until it exits from the run() method it invoked at startup.
5.Which is used to retrieve the version of MIDP a device has implemented?
6.Given a MIDlet suite with the following JAD file: 1. MIDlet-1: MyMIDlet, MyMIDlet.png, MyMIDlet 2.
MIDlet-Jar-Size: 23040 3. MIDlet-Name: MyFirstMIDlet 4. MIDlet-Version: 1.0 5. MIDlet-Jar-URL:
http://mywebserver.com/mymidlets/MyMIDlet.jar 6. MIDlet-Vendor: MyCompany and manifest file:
1. MIDlet-Name: MyFirstMIDlet 2. MIDlet-Version: 1.1 3. MIDlet-Vendor: MyCompany 4. MIDlet-1:
MyMIDlet, MyMIDlet.png, MyMIDlet Which is true about the installation?
A.The installation succeeds.
B.The installation fails due to an attribute mismatch.
C.The installation fails because the JAD file is invalid.
D.The installation fails because the manifest is invalid.
7.Which two are true about class file verification as defined by the CLDC specification? (Choose
A.Verification is NOT required.
B.Verification can use a custom implementation.
C.Verification is completed at compile time and no further verification is necessary.
D.Verification can use the same implementation as defined in the JVM specification.
Correct:B D
8.Given the MIDlet code: 12. File f = new File("myFile.txt"); 13. FileOutputStream ds = new
FileOutputStream(f); 14. OutputStreamWriter os = new OutputStreamWriter(ds); 15. BufferedWriter
buf = new BufferedWriter(os); 16. buf.write('c'); What is the result?
A.The code compiles and runs, but line 16 is ignored.
B.Compilation succeeds, but an exception is thrown at runtime.
C.The code compiles and runs, and then writes the character c to the file myFile.txt.
D.Compilation fails because the code uses one or more classes, which are not supported in CLDC 1.1.





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