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試験番号: 050-710

試験の名称: Novell Certified Linux Administrator

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1. Which command is used to enter or change the quota for user tux?
A. quotacheck
B. repquota tux
C. edquota -u tux
D. edquota -g tux
E. /sbin/quotaon tux
Answer: C

3. Which is the main configuration file for logrotate?
A. /etc/logrotate
B. /etc/logr.conf
C. /etc/cron/logrotate
D. /etc/logrotatE. conf
Answer: D

4. Which statement about the /sbin/ldconfig command is correct?
A. The ldconfig command is used to link directories.
B. The ldconfig command is used to configure an LDAP connection.
C. The ldconfig command is used to update the software library cachE.
D. The ldconfig command is used to show dynamic libraries needed by a program.
Answer: C

5. As system administrator root, you use the lpoptions command to change printer options, such as the
page sizE. To which file are these options saved?
A. ~/.bashrc
B. ~/.lpoptions
C. /etc/cups/lpoptions
D. /etc/sysconfig/cups
Answer: C

6. You want to view the last 20 lines of the /var/log/messages file and any new lines that are subsequently
added by syslog to this filE. Which command would you use?
A. tail -20f /var/log/messages
B. end -20f /var/log/messages
C. less -20f /var/log/messages
D. follow -20 /var/log/messages
Answer: A

7. You would like to run command1 and then command2, whether or not command1 completed
successfully. Which command accomplishes this task?
A. command1 | command2
B. command1 ; command2
C. command1 > command2
D. command1 & command2
Answer: B

8. What is the minimum number of partitions required by a SLES 10 system?
A. None
B. 1
C. 2
D. 4
Answer: C

9. Which statements about partitions are correct? (Choose 3.)
A. Extended partitions can be subdivided into logical partitions.
B. A primary partition consists of a continuous range of cylinders.
C. Logical partitions do not require entries in the main partition tablE.
D. If you use only primary partitions, you are limited to eight partitions per disk.
E. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 can only be installed on a primary partition.
F. To install more than one operating system on a partition, the partition has to include the entire cylinder
Answer: ABC

10. Which user authentication methods can be used with SLES 10? (Choose 4.)
F. Handshake
G. Windows Domain
H. Local (/etc/passwd)
Answer: AEGH

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