試験番号: 000-210

試験の名称: IBM Storage Networking Solutions,Version 4

1. A customer installs an IBM N5300. The N5300 needs to be backed up daily using Tivoli Storage
Manager Extended Edition (TSM EE). Due to limited bandwidth, the N5300 needs to be backed up
without passing data across the LAN.
After attaching a tape drive to the N5300, which protocol will be used for the TSM EE server to back up
the N5300 and meet the requirements?
Answer: D

2. A customer's environment has the following protocols: CIFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP, iSCSI, and FCP.
Which solution provides unified data access in this environment?
A.IBM DS3000 series
B.IBM DS5000 series
C.IBM x3650
D.IBM System Storage N7000
Answer: D

3. Which product allows a Storage Administrator to set storage utilization alerts for the DS8000, DS4800,
SAN Volume Controller, and EMC DMX 2000?
A.IBM Total Productivity Center for Fabric
B.IBM Total Productivity Center for Disk
C.IBM Total Productivity Center for Data
D.IBM Total Productivity Center for Replication
Answer: B

4. Using long distance fabric (100 km), a server's host bus adapter (HBA), with a buffer credit of 64,
communicates with a switch port with only eight buffer credits.
Which statement is true in this situation?
A.The server can read at a higher performance than it can write.
B.The server can write at a higher performance than it can read.
C.The server can read and write at equal performance.
D.The server will read and write at a degraded rate.
Answer: A

5. A Dell customer wants to add the largest possible N series into the Dell rack. The primary concern is
power, since only 120vac are available.
Which N series meets the customer's requirement?
Answer: C

6. A customer is using a CAD program on UNIX clients. The client needs a file system I/O data storage.
Which protocol should be used on the N series?
Answer: B

7. A customer wants LAN-free backups. This customer plans to offload storage processing from servers
and move this function onto an independent network.
Which solution best meets this customer's needs?
A.Storage Area Network (SAN)
B.Fibre Channel Over IP (FCIP)
C.Network Attached Storage (NAS)
D.Fibre Channel Over Ethernet (FCOE)
Answer: A

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