Network Appliance Network Appliance NACA Certification NS0-141
試験番号: NS0-141

試験の名称: Network Appliance High Availability Exam 7G

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1. Which of the following hardware components is NOT required for Fabric Attached MetroCluster?
A. VI-MC cluster adapter
C. LC/LC node-to-node switch cables
D. Network interface card
Answer: C

2. A mirrored volume has a failed disk, but there are no available spares in the pool from which the
degraded plex was built. Data ONTAP will:
A. Choose spare disks to reconstruct from the opposite pool
B. Warn you that there are no available spares from the proper pool
C. "Halt"after 24 hours if spare disks are not added to the proper pool
D. Stop all applications that are running
Answer: B

3. A mirrored volume, volX, is composed of twelve 36-Gigabyte disks: six in volX/plex0, six in volX/plex1.
A drive fails in plex1, but pool 1 contains only 72-Gigabyte spare disks. Data ONTAP will do which of the
A. Choose a 72-Gigabyte disk and downsize it
B. Halt after 24 hours of running in degraded mode
C. Alert you that there are no 36-Gigabyte disks and wait for one to be inserted
D. Stop any applications that are running
Answer: A

4. Select the parameter for which the Cluster Configuration Checker does NOT test.
A. Mismatched option settings
B. Network interface configuration errors
C. Different versions of Data ONTAP on the local and partner nodes
D. Open firmware versions
Answer: D

5. Please click the exhibit button.
In this example, volX contains three 36-Gigabyte disk drives. To create a mirror for volX, you issue the
command to create the mirror: vol mirror volX.
You immediately realize that the disks used to create the mirror are 72 Gigabytes in size. You want to take
the plex offline and destroy it. You enter the vol status -r command and it displays the output shown in
the exhibit.
To successfully take volX/plex1 offline and destroy it, which of the following must be done?
A. Reboot the storage appliance.
B. Wait for the "resyncing"operation to complete.
C. Take volX/plex1 offline and split it off.
D. Rename volX/plex1.
Answer: B

6. You are troubleshooting a clustered failover problem at a customer site. The customer explains that
both storage appliances were NFS mounted onto the Solaris host. You attempt to create a file on the NFS
mount point for the inaccessible appliance, but you get the following error:
NFS server filer2 not responding still trying.
1) When not in takeover mode, both storage appliances operate normally.
2) In takeover mode, the taken over node is not accessible on the network.
You perform a"cf giveback" and you can now create a file over NFS on both appliances. What should you
do first to resolve this issue?
A. Replace the cluster interconnect card and run diagnostics "all"to ensure proper system operation.
B. Replace the NIC adapter.
C. Use the cluster-config-checker.cgi to identify the problem and corrective action.
D. Submit a new bug report.
Answer: C

7. Which of the following commands would you issue to perform a "clean" shutdown of a clustered system
without allowing takeover to occur?
A. halt
B. halt -f
C. halt -d
D. sys-shutdown
Answer: B

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