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Oracle OtherOracleCertification 1Z0-273
試験番号: 1Z0-273

試験の名称: Hyperion Financial Management 4.1 Administrator IandII

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1. Where would you navigate to create a workspace? (Choose three.)
A. File menu
B. Administration menu
C. Object View
D. Manage Documents
Answer: ABD
2. Load files are divided into sections. What character is used as a section delimiter?
A. !
B. #
C. &
D. *
Answer: A
3. Which member selection is more efficient for generating reports?
A. Aggregate data segment in a row
B. Single data segments in separate rows
C. (Both are the same)
Answer: A
4. To retrieve a data value from a grid and place it in a text box, use the __________ text function.
A. CalcStatus
B. CellText
C. DataSource
D. GetCell
Answer: D

5. Which text function is not available for a Financial Management data source?
A. CellText
B. Date
C. POVAlias
D. POVDescription
Answer: C

6. What types of edits can a typical user perform with Data Forms? (Choose two.)
A. Input specified data elements
B. View specified data elements
C. Apply row and column formatting
D. Add rows and columns
E. Edit the Scenario Point of View setting.
Answer: AB

7. Reports are designed in:
A. Financial Reporting Designer
B. Financial Reporting Studio
C. Hyperion System 9 Workspace
Answer: B

8. What metadata load options are available to allow you to add metadata or delete metadata?
A. Merge and Delete
B. Merge and Replace
C. Merge and Cut
Answer: B

9. To automatically format cells based on specified attributes or values, use:
A. Conditional formatting
B. Format Painter
C. Format option
Answer: A

10. The consolidation setting OrgByPeriod is enabled for what purpose? (Choose two.)
A. Used for entity structures that vary from period to period.
B. Used to mark entities as active or inactive for each period.
C. Used to delete entity structures that are no longer used.
D. Used to organize entity structures by a value dimension.
Answer: AB

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