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試験番号: JN0-570

試験の名称: JN0-570 JNCIS-SSL EXAM

Which three statements are true regarding split-tunneling modes? (Choose three.)
A. Choosing "Enable Split Tunneling with route change monitor" allows Network Connect to update the
routing table if a route change is detected.
B. Choosing "Disable Split Tunneling" forces all traffic through the Network Connect tunnel.
C. Choosing "Enable Split Tunneling" will modify routes on the client so that any networks defined in the
split-tunneling policy are routed through Network Connect.
D. Choosing "Allow access to local subnet" will not modify the route table on the local client.
E. Choosing "Enable Split Tunneling with allowed access to local subnet" requires that local resources be
defined in the Network Connect access control list.
Answer: BCE

What should you do when you need to create a meeting on demand to troubleshoot a client issue?
A. Schedule an on demand meeting that begins in 10 minutes.
B. Schedule an instant meeting through Secure Meeting.
C. Start up a support meeting.
D. Start a secure meeting through the Microsoft Outlook plug-in.
Answer: C

Which statement about CRLs is true?
A. CRLs are distributed automatically by the CA.
B. CDP can be used to automatically validate a CRL.
C. The base CRL contains only a subset of the certificates issued by a given CA.
D. CRLs contain the serial number, revocation date, and reason code for withdrawn certificates.
Answer: D

What does Cache Cleaner remove by default?
A. all content downloaded through the IVE Content Intermediation Engine during the user's IVE session
B. the files in the user's Recycle Bin and the Recent Documents list at the end of the user session
C. all temporary files created during the user's IVE sessionD. any AutoComplete usernames or passwords used during the user's IVE session

Which three logs are used within the SA solution? (Choose three.)
A. Event log
B. System log
C. Client-Side log
D. User Access log
E. Security log
Answer: ACD

When conducting meetings with Secure Meeting, your users frequently complain about jitter in the
video presentation. How might you attempt to improve performance?
A. Ensure that image compression is enabled on the IVE device's Secure Meeting configuration page.
B. Limit the presentation video size to 800x600 resolution on the IVE device's Secure Meeting
configuration page.
C. Enable the Secure Meeting acceleration feature with the optional license upgrade.
D. Ensure that 32-bit presentations mode is not enabled on the IVE device's Secure Meeting
configuration page.
Answer: D

Your company is rolling out Secure Meeting to assist the helpdesk in troubleshooting desktop issues.
Which type of meeting should you enable on the SSL VPN?
A. scheduled meeting
B. technical meeting
C. support meeting
D. instant meeting
Answer: C

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