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試験番号: 000-574

試験の名称: IBM Tivoli WebSphere App Studio V3.2

1.Which change is made by the WebSphere Studio Application Monitoring V3.2 distributed Data
Collector installer (both GUI and silent)?
A. adding SMF support
B. adding a custom service called "AM Custom Service"
C. creating the user "amuser" in the base operating system
D. sourcing the database user's profile in the profile for the user "amuser"
Answer: B

2.What information is collected at trace Level 2? (Choose three.)
A. CPU information
B. method level trace
C. component level trace
D. last known class name
E. advanced request data
F. page swapping information
Answer: A,C,E

3.For WebSphere Studio Application Monitor (WSAM) V3.2 Management Server with DB2 database to
start and function properly, what must you do to set up the DB2 environment before issuing the command
A. locate source the filesetup_env, which is located in the /etc/Tivoli directory
B. locate and source the file's db2profile, which is located in the WAS_HOME directory
C. locate and source the file db2profile, which is located in the WSAM_HOME directory
D. locate and source the file db2profile, which is located in the sqllib subdirectory of the DB2 home
Answer: D

4.With WebSphere Studio Application Monitor V3.2, the database port must be provided. How can you
determine the port that is being used by the DB2 instance?
A. You use the b2 listdb2port command.
B. It is provided when the database is installed.
C. The port is discovered dynamically during the install.
D. You use the b2 getdbm cfg command or viewing /etc/services.
Answer: D

5.The Data Collector installation seems successful and the monitored application server starts
successfully. However, the Data Collector does not show up in the Unconfigured Data Collectors list.
Which log would show the most relevant information?
A. the WSAM User Interface Self-Diagnosis
B. the Managing Server's Archive Agent's log
C. the monitored application server'sSystemOut log
D. the Managing Server's Visualization Engine'sSystemOut log
Answer: C

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