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Nortel NCTS 920-803
試験番号: 920-803

試験の名称: Nortel technology standards and protocol for ip telephony solutions

問題と解答:55 Q&As
価格(日本円):\ 6900.00 JPY

1. Which CODEC delivers the greatest compression?
A. B. 711
C. D. 723.1
E. F. 726
G. H. 729
I. J. 729A
Answer: C

2. To achieve the QoS necessary to deliver voice between two points on a Frame Relay network, which
two items are required to guarantee that voice quality is maintained? (Choose two.) Assume that a
Permanent Virtual Circuit (PVC) is available to address converged voice and data.
A. a Variable Bit Rate (VBR) service type
B. a WAN access device that shapes traffic
C. a WAN access device that does NOT fragment voice IP packets
D. a WAN access device that can manage First-In, First-Out (FIFO) queuing
E. a Committed Information Rate (CIR) large enough to address the total peak voice traffic plus a portion
allocated for Best-Effort (BE) data
Answer: BE

3. A video conference is in progress between two networked locations using gigabit Ethernet. The video
conferencing application is using User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to transport the video and audio data.
Why should UDP be used instead of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)?
A. TCP CANNOT handle streaming data applications.
B. UDP is better than TCP at seamlessly synchronizing voice and video together.
C. UDP serves as an efficient transport for handling real-time application traffic.
D. UDP uses less bandwidth than TCP in a WAN, but more bandwidth than TCP in a LAN.
Answer: C

4. How does Real-Time Control Protocol (RTCP), the control protocol of Real-Time Protocol (RTP), assist
RTP in handling packetized voice in an IP telephony environment?
A. Controls the RTP data flows.
B. Identifies sources and provides QoS feedback.
C. Interoperates with Transmission Control Protocol (TCP).
D. Controls the network bandwidth used by RTP data flows.
Answer: B

5. The basic attributes of Real-Time Protocol (RTP) provide for support of applications like voice and
video. Which three attributes of RTP support real-time applications? (Choose three.)
A. Timestamping
B. Packet sequencing
C. Header compression
D. Payload identification
E. Packet retransmission
Answer: ABD

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