試験番号: ST0-91W
試験の名称: Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Windows(STS)

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1. A company installed Symantec NetBackup 7.0 on existing Windows 32-bit servers with 2 GB of RAM.
When configuring the Media Server Deduplication Option (MSDP), an error occurs.
What should be done to resolve this error?
A. add additional memory to the Symantec NetBackup servers
B. uninstall Symantec NetBackup and upgrade the servers to Windows 64-bit
C. run nbdevconfig to configure the storage servers
D. cluster the existing Symantec NetBackup servers and reconfigure the MSDP
Answer: B

2. If frequency-based cleaning of a drive is desired, which parameter must be set in the Symantec
NetBackup 7.0 administration console?
A. Cleaning Frequency (Between mounts)
B. Cleaning Frequency (In GB)
C. Cleaning Frequency (Between backups)
D. Cleaning Frequency (In hours)
Answer: D

3. A request is made to change volume residences.
Which two conditions must be met in the volume group that is associated with the changes? (Select two.)
A. All volumes in a volume group must have the same residence.
B. All volumes must have barcode labels.
C. All volumes must be assigned to scratch pool.
D. All volumes must be vaulted before adding volumes to the group.
E. All volumes must have the same media type.
Answer: AE

4. An administrator configures two standalone LTO4 tape drives on a Symantec NetBackup 7.0 media
server with an existing tape library with an LTO4 drive.
How should the administrator configure the storage units?
A. place each standalone drive in its own storage unit
B. place the two standalone drives in a single new storage unit
C. place the two standalone drives in an existing storage unit with the other LTO4 drives
D. place the two standalone drives in a new storage unit group
Answer: B

5. Refer to the exhibit.
In the exhibit, the server_data policy is greyed out and marked with a red "X."
What does this indicate?
A. The policy is using a FlashBackup policy, but the Enterprise client is unlicensed.
B. The policy is using an AdvancedDisk storage unit, but the Flexible Disk option is unlicensed.
C. The policy's "go into effect" date is disabled or set to a date in the future.
D. A backup run from this policy recently failed and the status is in the Activity Monitor.
Answer: C

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