Apple ACHDS 9L0-506

問題集9L0-506 (Apple Certified Technical Coordinator)を使ってから、試験を通っていなかったら、killtestは全額を返金すると共に、また同じ値段の問題集を郵送します。 弊社は一年以内に無料更新版を提供し、一発合格することを保証できます、英語版を提供いたします。

試験番号: 9L0-506

試験の名称: Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
問題と解答:95 Q&As
価格(日本円):\ 8900.00 JPY

1 .How did you prepare for this exam? (Choose all that apply.)
A. none of the above
B. Apple leader-led technician training course
C. self-study AppleCare Technician Training purchased from Apple
D. on-the-job training / apprenticeship
E. self-taught
F. Apple Mac OS X Server Essentials leader-led course
G. other Apple materials or courses
H. non-Apple courses or books
I. Apple Mac OS X Help Desk Essentials leader-led course
Answer: G

2 .In Mac OS X v10.3, you CANNOT use the Finder's onnect to Server?command to select
A. your iDisk
B. AFP servers
C. WebDAV servers
D. SSH servers
Answer: D

3 .The NetBoot Filters feature in Mac OS X Server v10.3 lets you ________.
A. allow NetBoot access to select computers, based on their hardware address
B. deny NetBoot access to select computers, based on their IP address
C. allow NetBoot access to select computers, based on their IP address
D. look up the IP address of a computer, based on its host name
Answer: A

4 .Which command is included with the Mac OS X Developer Tools, but NOT with a default
installation of Mac OS X v10.3?
A. ditto
B. CpMac
C. du
D. pwd
E. open
Answer: B

5 .Which can you NOT do using the Kerberos application in Mac OS X v10.3?
A. Change the password you use to get a ticket.
B. Renew a ticket.
C. Force a network service to accept a ticket.
D. View a ticket.
Answer: C

6 .To find out which firmware version a Macintosh with Mac OS X v10.3 has, you can ________.
(Choose all that apply.)
A. use System Profiler
B. choose About This Mac
C. start up in verbose mode
D. start up in Open Firmware
E. use the Open Firmware utility
Answer: A,D

7.In Mac OS X Server v10.3, what tool lets you share print queues?
A. Printer Setup Utility
B. Print & Fax preference pane
C. Server Admin
D. Workgroup Manager
Answer: C

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