試験番号: HP0-P14試験の名称: Planning & Design of HP Integrity

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1.What is the advantage of using Serviceguard on an Integrity Virtual Machines (VM) host?
A. VM resources can be allocated to workloads in real-time according to service level objectives (SLOs).
B. Availability is increased by failing over workloads to other Integrity VM environments.
C. Workloads can be distributed across available resources on numerous Integrity VM nodes.
D. Serviceguard provides a single-system-view of the Serviceguard cluster.
Answer: B

2 .What are the primary differences between Insight Remote Support Standard (RSS) and HP Insight
Remote Support Advanced (RSA) software? (Select two.)
A. Proactive services such as health checks, availability, and patching are available with RSA but not with
B. RSS requires a dedicated hosting server, whereas RSA allows the hosting server to be shared with
other applications.
C. Software updates must be managed manually with RSS, whereas they are automatic with RSA.
D. RSA provides detailed problem resolution, including part location within the faulty device; RS does not
provide this detail.
E. RSA is integrated with HP SIM and can integrate with HP Operations Manager, whereas RSS does not
support this integration.
Answer: A,E

3. Which Integrity server blade should you recommend to a customer who requires up to four quad-core
Itanium 9300 series processors, up to 192GB of memory, and support for Virtual Connect Flex-10?
A. Integrity BL850c i2
B. Integrity BL860c i2
C. Integrity BL870c i2
D. Integrity BL890c i2
Answer: C

4.Which features does the BL860c i2 server blade support? (Select two.)
A. up to two mezzanine cards
B. up to two Itanium 9300 series processors
C. up to four small form factor (SFF) hot-plug SAS drives
D. up to 96BG RAM
E. up to three internal USB ports
Answer: B,D

5.Your customer is concerned about preserving high availability in their Integrity rx7640 servers. Which
components can be replaced using Online Replacement and Addition in HP-UX 11i v3?
A. I/O cards
B. processors
C. PCI-X backplane
D. cell boards
Answer: A

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