試験番号: NS0-163試験の名称: Network Appliance Data Protection Solutions Network Appliance訓練はとても人気があります。どんな国にいっても、利用できます。Network Appliance認定専門家になるために、NS0-163 (Network Appliance Data Protection Solutions)試験を勉強しなければなりません。


1. Which Data ONTAP option sets system-wide throttling for all transfers?
A. options transfer.wide.enable
B. options transfer.throttle.enable
C. options replication.wide.enable
D. options replication.throttle.enable
Answer: D

2. Before enabling an active/active configuration, you should verify and compare the configuration of the
nodes. Which tool can perform this task?
A. cf-config-check.cgi script
B. cf status command on both nodes
C. clustercheck script
D. Release Comparison Tool
Answer: A

3. Which command creates a new SyncMirror aggregate, letting Data ONTAP select the disk drives?
A. aggr create aggrX -d 12
B. aggr create aggrX -m 12
C. aggr mirror aggrX -m 12
D. aggr mirror aggrX -n 12
Answer: B

4. Assume fabric-attached MetroCluster using hardware disk ownership. If the local node has its FC HBA
connected to switch bank 1, it owns the disks connected to switch bank ___.
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: B

5. Which command or procedure would you use to undo a volume SnapRestore operation?
A. snap restore -r vol
B. snap revert -s vol
C. snap restore undo vol
D. You cannot undo a SnapRestore operation at the volume level.
Answer: D

6. A snapshot is a frozen, read-only image of the entire Data ONTAP active file system that reflects the
state of the ____________ at the time the snapshot was created.
A. qtrees
B. volume
C. directory
D. storage system
Answer: B

7. Data ONTAP uses inodes in an active file system to reference ___________.
A. qtrees
B. disk blocks
C. file segments
D. Snapshot copies
Answer: B


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