新しい記事を書く事で広告が消せます。 310-303-JP試験問題集はOracle資格認証のテストの重要な試験の一つになっています、Oracle認証を取りたいならば、killtest.jpはその認証の最も最新テスト練習問題集を提供し、正確率も高いし、一発合格するも保証できます。

試験番号: 310-303-JP試験の名称: Oracle Solaris 10 Security Administrator Certified Expert Exam

killtest.jpは310-303-JP問題集を提供しております、killtest.jpの製品Oracle SOLARIS-OCSecA 310-303-JP試験問題集を使った後、お客様が認定合格にただ一歩の距離があります。まだ確信させませんか?今すぐkilltest.jpの練習試験を試してみましょう。全部の解答を暗記によって、順調に合格することができると思います。

1.A security administrator has a requirement to deploy the Solaris Security Toolkit onto all Solaris
servers in the department. In this environment, there are a variety of platforms and operating
system versions deployed. Onto which two platforms and operating system combinations can the
Solaris Security Toolkit be deployed in a supported configuration? (Choose two.)
A.x86, Solaris 2.4
B.x64, Solaris 9
C.x86, Solaris 10
D.SPARC, Solaris 2.6
E.SPARC, Solaris 8
Correct:C E

2.The company security policy now requires very detailed auditing of all actions. This includes
capturing all executed commands together with their arguments and the environment variables.
After activating auditing on all Solaris 10 systems, the security auditor complains about having to
check the audit trail on each individual host. He asks for a central place to capture all audit trails.
Using standard Solaris 10 security features, which is a solution to this problem?
A.Configure auditd to send email with the events.
B.Configure auditd to send the output using syslog to a central loghost.
C.Configure auditd to store the audit trail using NFS on a central server.
D.Configure auditd to store the audit trail using LDAP in a central directory.

3.Which two tasks does the Key Distribution Center (KDC) perform? (Choose two.)
A.issues service tickets
B.authenticates services
C.issues ticket-granting-tickets
D.validates passwords sent in clear text
E.provides private sessions to services
Correct:A C

4.Given: jupiter:$md5,rounds=2006$2amXesSj5$$kCF48vfPsHDjlKNXeEw7V.:12210:::::: What is
the characteristic of this /etc/shadow entry?
A.User jupiter uses the md5 hash, with salt 2006$2amXesSj5$, and with the encrypted password
B.User jupiter uses the 2a hash, with 2006 iterations of the hash, with salt 2amXesSj5, and with the
encrypted password kCF48vfPsHDjlKNXeEw7V.
C.User jupiter uses the md5 hash, with 2006 iterations of the hash, with salt 2amXesSj5, and with the
encrypted password kCF48vfPsHDjlKNXeEw7V.
D.User jupiter uses the md5 hash, with 2006 iterations of the hash, with no salt, and with the encrypted
password $rQmXesSj5$$kCF48vfPsHDjlKNXeEw7V.

5.A security administrator is required to validate the integrity of a set of operating system files on
a number of Solaris systems. The administrator decides to use the Solaris Fingerprint Database to
validate configuration and data files as well as binaries and libraries. What command, available by
default in Solaris 10, will help the security administrator collect the necessary information that will
be used with the Solaris Fingerprint Database?

6.You are configuring a new system to be used as an intranet web server. After you have installed
the minimal amount of packages and patched the system, you added the appropriate web server
packages (SUNWapch2r and SUNWapch2u). By default, the web server daemon will be started
using UID webservd and the basic privilege set. To comply with the company’s policy of least
privilege, you need to minimize the privileges that the web server will have. What will you modify
to specify the privileges that the web service will run with?
A.the PRIV_DEFAULT setting in /etc/security/policy.conf
B.the defaultpriv setting of webserverd in /etc/user_attr
C.the privileges property of the web service in the SMF repository
D.the privs property of the web service in /etc/security/exec_attr

7.After a recent audit, you have been requested to minimize an existing Solaris system which runs
a third party database application. Which two should you do before starting to minimize the
system? (Choose two.)
A.Back up the system.
B.Remove any unneeded patches.
C.Install the SUNWrnet metacluster.
D.Remove any unneeded packages.
E.Confirm with the vendor of the database software that they support minimization.
Correct:A E


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