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試験の名称: Citrix XenDesktop 5 Basic AdministrationAdministration

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killtest.jpのCompTIA CCA認定試験の問題は経験のある専門家が1Y0-A19試験問題の研究に力を尽くして出したの問題集でございます、1Y0-A19テストは100%合格することはkilltest.jpが提要いたします、Citrix XenDesktop 5 Basic AdministrationAdministration試験はIT分野で重要な資格認証になっています、英語版を提供いたします。

1.Scenario: A customer needs to configure a XenDesktop environment so that an end user has the best
experience when launching a virtual desktop. The environment needs to be configured with fault
tolerance so that when a XenServer goes down for maintenance the target device can still be deployed by
any XenServer with least load. Currently, the customer has a XenServer pool consisting of 16 XenServer
hosts with 8 GB of memory and a 2 TB SATA hard disk. A 2 TB Fibre Channel Storage Area Network is
attached to the XenServer. The Provisioning services host is configured on a stand-alone server with 8
GB of memory and three 500 GB iSCSI hard disks configured as a RAID 5 configuration. What is the best
write caching method for deploying 800 target devices within a XenServer pool?
A.Cache on the target device and redirect to the RAM of the target device.
B.Cache on the Provisioning services host and redirect the cache on the local file system.
C.Cache on the target device and redirect the cache on a share within the Fibre Channel storage
D.Cache on the Provisioning services host and redirect the cache on a share within the Fibre Channel
storage repository.
Answer: C

2.In a Provisioning services environment, what is the default location of the write cache if no location is
specified manually0.?
A.RAM of the target device
B.Local drive of the target device
C.A subdirectory in the vDisk location
D.A subdirectory in the default Provisioning services installation path
Answer: C

3.An administrator is planning a XenDesktop 5 Quick Deploy to demonstrate superior end user
experience. What should be considered when planning the Quick Deploy.?
A.SQL Server 2008 R2 should first be installed and configured on the server that will run the Controller.
B.The SQL Server 2005 database for the XenDesktop site should be located on the same subnet as the
C.The hypervisor should be located on the same subnet as the SQL Server 2008 R2 database for the
XenDesktop site.
D.SQL Express 2008 R2 should be installed as a prerequisite on the Controller running Microsoft
Windows Server 2008.
Answer: A

4.Scenario: A company has two sites about 3000 miles apart, one in New York and the other in Los
Angeles. Each site has 1500 users. XenDesktop site access must be available for all the users at both
locations. High availability is required so on single point of failure is acceptable. A minimum of ______
XenDesktop Controller(s) and ______ Provisioning services host(s) are necessary to support all 3000
users given the requirements. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.).
A.1, 1
B.2, 2
C.3, 3
D.4, 4
Answer: B

5.According to Citrix best practices, which storage type should an administrator use to set up a
XenDesktop environment using XenServer?
D.Clustered Shared Volume
Answer: A

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