killtesはHP0-D02問題集を提供しております、killtesの製品HP Certification I HP0-D02を使った後、お客様が認定合格にただ一歩の距離があります.まだ確信させませんか?今すぐkilltesの練習試験を試してみましょう.しかし、全部の解答を暗記によって、順調に合格することができると思います。
HP0-D02には、我々はお客様が成功に試験合格のために、一生懸命に努力してお客様に完全で均衡な公式を提供します、killtesのテストの質問と練習試験の製品は試す認定HP0-D02試験に自信を持ってお客様の能力を高めます. 一発合格することが保証できます。

Planning and Designing HP Insight Dynamics-VSE Soluions
1.Click the Exhibit button. While you are performing a proof-of-concept for your customer, the
system administrator asks you about the 5-star rating and the definition of room for growth. What
is the minimum headroom available for the single workload allocated to the system in bay 5
shown in the exhibit?
2.A customer uses HP Performance Management Pack (PMP) in a ProLiant environment and
wants to use the information for historical views in an HP Insight Dynamics - VSE solution. Which
statement is true about this environment?
A.PMP data cannot be imported into Capacity Advisor.
B.Data must be imported by PMP and exported by Capacity Advisor.
C.Export and import of PMP data is performed by one Capacity Advisor command.
D.An OpenView Performance Agent must be installed to export and import PMP data.
3.What information does HP Capacity Advisor gather from target systems?
A.CPU speed, amount of memory installed, and disk capacity
B.CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk capacity, and network utilization
C.CPU utilization, memory utilization, and number of possible virtual machines
D.CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk I/O, network I/O, and power utilization
4.A customer is interested in an HP Insight Dynamics - VSE solution. You are presenting the HP
solution, including all service options. Which HP Systems Insight Manager plug-in provides a
comprehensive "phone home to HP" capability?
A.Open Service Event Manager
B.Web-Based Enterprise Services
C.HP Instant Support Enterprise Edition
D.HP Service Essentials Remote Support Pack
5.You are consulting about an HP Insight Dynamics - VSE solution for a customer, who
emphasizes power and cooling regulation in the data center. How is the power estimation formula
calibrated in Insight Dynamics - VSE? (Select two.)
A.user-specified values
B.HP Power and Rack Manager definitions
C.HP Insight Power Manager utilization traces
D.user-defined HP Systems Insight Manager thresholds
E.power utilization templates that can be downloaded from the HP website
Correct:A C
6.How is HP Virtual Server Environment (VSE) on Integrity Servers licensed?
A.per core
B.per server
C.per workload
D.per migration
E.per virtualized system
7.When using HP Rapid Deployment Pack with HP Insight Dynamics - VSE, which network
configuration should you recommend to the customer?
A.Create a separate physical network.
B.Merge all servers in one LAN subnet.
C.Create a VLAN for server deployment.
D.Use Virtual Connect Ethernet Modules for communication.
8.Which statement is true about a Central Management Server (CMS) where HP Insight Dynamics -
VSE will be installed?
A.A Windows CMS can manage all currently shipping HP platforms.
B.An HP-UX CMS can manage HP ProLiant ML/DL servers and HP BladeSystems.
C.A Windows CMS can manage HP ProLiant ML/DL servers, HP BladeSystems, and HP Integrity servers.
D.An HP-UX CMS can manage HP ProLiant ML/DL servers, HP BladeSystems, and HP Integrity servers.
9.Which data center challenges does HP Virtual Connect address? (Select three.)
A.too many cables
B.too many switches
C.too many protocols
D.too many administrators
E.too much heat generation
F.too much power consumption
Correct:A B D
10.What is required to perform online logical server moves with HP Insight Dynamics - VSE?
A.SAN environment
B.separate licenses
C.dedicated network
D.identical hardware

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