CompTIA Linux+は、Linux技術業務の「実務能力」を評価する認定資格です。ソフトウェアやハードウェアの両面から、Linux環境の運用する上でバランスのとれた実務能力を問います。


試験番号: XK0-002
試験の名称: Linux+ Certification (2004 Objectives)

1. At boot time, the computer reported that there are problems with inodes and blocks. Which of the
following is the problem and how is it corrected?
A. The boot sector is corrupt and needs to be replaced.
B. The file system has become corrupt and needs to be repaired.
C. The partition table has become corrupt and needs to be repaired.
D. The drive is configured using an improper file system and needs to be reformatted.
Answer: B

2. Which of the following commands will mount a USB flash drive successfully in Linux?
A. mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb
B. mount -t usbfs /dev/usb001 /mnt/usb
C. mount /dev/uda1 /mnt/usb
D. mount /dev/hde1 /mnt/usb
Answer: A

3. An administrator who logged in as a standard user needs to kill process 1010 that was started by the
root user. Which of the following commands will kill the process?
A. kill 1010
B. su "kill 1010"
C. killall -9 1010
D. su -c "kill 1010"
Answer: D

4. A technician added a PCI network card to a stable Linux server. The server is now generating I/O
errors when the kernel module for the network card is loaded. Which of the following actions will solve
the problem?
A. Disable the power management in the BIOS.
B. Move the network card to another available slot.
C. Reconfigure the network card to use a different IP address.
D. Change the server BIOS setting to disable the network card BIOS.
Answer: B

5. A DHCP server has been added to the network. The local system has been reconfigured to connect
using DHCP. How could an administrator restart network services and test that the interface and the
DHCP server are functioning properly?
A. /sbin/route restart; ifconfig lo
B. /bin/netstat -R; ping
C. /usr/bin/network restart; ping
D. /etc/init.d/network restart; ifconfig eth0
Answer: D

6. Which of the following is supported when creating a Linux VPN (Virtual Private Network)?
A. RC2
C. chap
Answer: B

7. If /etc/syslog.conf has the following entry:
mail.* -/var/log/mail.log
Which of the following log events will this line cause to be logged to mail.log?
A. The events generated by a user called ail?
B. The events logged by a program called ail?
C. The events logged to the mail facility at any priority.
D. The events logged from any host that begins with the name mail.
Answer: C

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