killtest Citrix Other Certification資格は、最先端のラボ技術と世界レベルのインストラクターをとりそろえ、CitrixXenApp への投資メリットを最大限に拡大します。Citrix Other Certification 1Y0-613プログラムでは、インストラクターが直接指導するハンズオントレーニングを行い、Citrix Other Certification 試験 を最大限に活用して、Windows アプリケーションをオンデマンドサービスとして提供するための技術を習得できます。

Citrix Other Certification 1Y0-613試験、killtestプログラムトレーニングは、インストラクターの直接指導によるトレーニングや、企業を対象としたカスタマイズトレーニングなど、さまざまな形式のコースを用意しています。

試験名称:Citrix Access Suite 4.0: Analysis;

1.Scenario: Your team will provide an assessment of a client's Access Suite environment, which
will then be followed by the POC (Proof of Concept) and design phases. You met with the Active
Directory Administrator twice. In these meetings, you learned that there are multiple OUs
(Organizational Units) related to the Citrix servers and that different GPOs (Group Policy Objects)
apply to each OU. You asked for more detailed information regarding how they have applied the
OU structure and GPO, but it has not yet been provided. You have raised this issue several times
to the customer project manager and even the project sponsor. This information is required for
both the assessment and upcoming design. What should you do in response to this delay?
A.You should issue a risk memo to the Active Directory Administrator.
B.You should issue a risk memo to the project manager and project sponsor.
C.You should include this in the Issues section of the weekly project status report.
D.You should conclude the assessment portion of the project and indicate that the information was
unavailable in all areas related to network traffic.

2.Scenario: Your consulting firm must provide an Access Strategy Assessment to a company
based on one Presentation Server farm consisting of 15 servers. The company has instructed the
team to review specific configurations related to printing and Terminal Services profiles to
address user complaints. Finally, you are required to talk directly with several users who have
been experiencing issues. In discussing the Statement of Work with the customer, approximately
how much time should be allotted for the Access Strategy Assessment?
A.1 - 2 weeks
B.3 - 4 weeks
C.2 - 3 business days
D.14 - 20 business days

3.Scenario: After a meeting with the CIO from your client organization, you learn that they plan to
expand their environmental consulting practice and double in size in the next two years. Six of
their Presentation Servers are used to host a specific application that facilitates writing
environmental management plans. This application is accessed by field consultants through
Access Gateway Advanced Edition. Users report that they are generally satisfied with the current
access strategy, although they occasionally experience connection issues to the file server that
houses customer documentation. They plan on adding two or three additional modules of the
application within the next few months. The CIO has asked you to review their current
environment to determine how it can be optimized in order to support their plans. Based on the
information provided, what is the primary objective of the client organization?
C.User connectivity
D.Application deployment

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