killtest CompTIA CTT+認定資格は、インストラクターが、killtestトレーニング業界で必要とされる能力を取得していることを証明します。


CompTIA CTT+プログラムは、当初コンピュータ業界の企業により推奨され始めましたが、CompTIA CTT+資格は、killtest技術トレーニング、その他のTK0-201試験のトレーニングや教育を提供している全ての業界に適用することができます。

試験名称:CTT+ Exam (Certified Technical Trainer)

1.An instructor has just finished the lesson on a topic that is essential to understanding the next
topic of the course. Most of the learners are looking at the instructor with blank expressions.
When the instructor asks questions to see if the learners understand the concept, most learners
look away. Which of the following is the BEST next step for the instructor to take, given the
learners' reactions?
A.Hand out a set of written questions designed to evaluate individual comprehension of the concept.
B.Give the learners a short study break to review any notes they might have taken during the presentation.
C.Continue with the next phase of the lesson and refer back periodically to the concept.
D.Review the main points of the concept and use examples that aid in stimulating discussion.

2.The trainer's goal is to get the most participation from learners regarding choices that must be
made about the next step in training. The trainer realizes that there are several different ways to
solve a particular problem and wants learners to agree on the best method. Which of the following
methods is MOST appropriate for accomplishing this goal?
C.Hands-on activities
D.Independent reading

3.On the second day of a five-day class, it becomes apparent that the trainer will finish the
materials by the middle of the fourth day. The client requires the students to attend a full five days
of training on the topic. In order to meet the client's requirement, the trainer should:
A.extend the lunch break by 30 minutes each day and add an additional afternoon break to stretch the
time out the client after class on the second day to inform them of the status and get approval for ending
the class early
C.prepare additional materials after the second day and submit them to the client for approval in order to
meet the five-days-of-training requirement
D.inform the class of the estimated early finish and ask them for suggestions on how to fill in the
remaining day and a half of training time

4.Which of the following techniques is MOST likely to optimize group participation?
A.Calling on learners and asking each a question
B.Handing out sets of written questions
C.Asking a question of the group in general and waiting for a response
D.Making a statement and then asking whether the learners have any questions

5.For this question, decide whether the action makes it likely or unlikely that the trainer will
achieve the goal. Select the BEST statement of the reason that the action is likely or unlikely to
accomplish the goal. GOAL:To respond in a manner helpful to the rest of the class to a learner
who asks relevant questions but asks them frequently. ACTION:Restate the question, if necessary,
to clarify it and then direct the question to the class.
A.LIKELY, because the strategy will engage the other learners in answering the questions and will aid
their understandingB.LIKELY, because the class will exert pressure on the learner to stop interrupting the lesson
C.UNLIKELY, because the instructor will be perceived as not knowing the answer
D.UNLIKELY, because adult learners prefer to be given direct responses

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