killtest Adobe認定制度について、Adobe ACE Illustrator 認定試験の受験方法から、取得した資格のプロモーションまで、お知りになりたいことすべてをご覧いただけます。9A0-088試験を受けたスタッフがビジネスの強化と成長に貢献できることをご理解いただけます。

試験名称:Adobe IIIustrator CS4 Exam

アドビによる認定制度は業界にとっての財産として高く評価されています。合理化やkilltest知識の発信に直結する手段として、Adobe IIIustrator CS4 Exam試験で成功を収めるために必要な人材やリソースを探し当てる手がかりとして、アドビの認定制度をご活用ください。

1. While working on a document to be printed on an offset press you decide to print a composite proof to
examine the results of color trapping manually done in the document.
To accomplish this, you should choose which Overprint setting on the Advanced pane of the Print dialog?
A. Discard
B. Simulate
C. Preserve
D. Print as Bitmap
Answer: B

2. Which option must be turned on before you can turn off visibility of individual color plates in the
Separation Preview panel?
A. Proof Colors
B. Pixel Preview
C. Isolation Mode
D. Overprint Preview
Answer: D

3. You create artwork that is to be restricted to two Pantone spot colors. When printed, you discover that
there are objects using Cyan and Magenta in your document.
How can you find these objects?
A. choose View > Edit Views
B. choose Edit > Find and Replace
C. deselect all objects, then choose Window > Appearance
D. choose Select > All, then choose Edit > Edit Colors > Adjust Color
E. select the Overprint Preview checkbox in the Separations Preview panel, then turn off visibility for the
Pantone colors
Answer: E

4. You are preparing a PDF file for your printer. You want to include trim marks and a bleed value of 0.25
What should you do to prevent printer marks from being visible in the bleed area?
A. set the four bleed settings to a value above 0.25 inch
B. enter a value of 0.25 inch for the four bleed settings and the Offset setting
C. set the four bleed settings to 0.25 inch, then deselect the Trim Marks checkbox
D. select the Use Document Bleed Settings checkbox and deselect the Color Bars checkbox
Answer: B

5. To make it easier to print documents to the same device in the future you have decided to create a
reusable print preset.
What should you do?
A. choose File > Print, set all options, then select Custom from the Print Preset popup menu
B. choose File > Print, set all options, click the disk icon in the upper right corner of the dialog box
C. choose File > Print, set all options, then Option-click (Mac OS) or Alt-click (Windows) the Print button
D. choose File > Print, set all options, click the Page Setup button in the lower left corner of the dialog box
Answer: B

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