killtestの問題集156-215.1 (Check Point Certified Security Administrator NGX)を使ってから、156-215.1試験を通っていなかったら、killtestは全額を返金すると共に、また同じ値段の問題集を郵送します。killtestは一年以内に無料更新版を提供し、一発合格することを保証できます、英語版を提供いたします。


試験名称:Check Point Certified Security Administrator NGX

1.Frank wants to know why users on the corporate network cannot receive multicast transmissions from
the Internet. An NGX Security Gateway protects the corporate network from the Internet. Which of the
following is a possible cause for the connection problem?
A.NGX does not support multicast routing protocols and streaming media through the Security Gateway.
B.Frank did not install the necessary multicast license with SmartUpdate, when he upgraded to NGX.
C.The Multicast Rule is below the Stealth Rule. NGX can only pass multicast traffic, if the Multicast Rule is
above the Stealth Rule.
D.Multicast restrictions are not configured properly on the corporate internal network interface properties
of the Security Gateway object.
E.Anti-spoofing is enabled. NGX cannot pass multicast traffic, if anti-spoofing is enabled.

2.In NGX, what happens if a Distinguished Name (DN) is NOT found in LDAP?
A.NGX takes the common-name value from the Certificate subject, and searches the LDAP account unit
for a matching user id.
B.NGX searches the internal database for the username.
C.The Security Gateway uses the subject of the Certificate as the DN for the initial lookup.
D.If the first request fails or if branches do not match, NGX tries to map the identity to the user id attribute.
E.When users authenticate with valid Certificates, the Security Gateway tries to map the identities with
users registered in the external LDAP user database.

3.Gary is a Security Administrator in a small company. He needs to determine if the company's Web
servers are accessed for an excessive number of times from the same host. How would he configure this
setting in SmartDefense?
A.Successive multiple connections
B.HTTP protocol inspection
C.Successive alerts
D.General HTTP worm catcher
E.Successive DoS attacks

4.In SmartDashboard, you configure 45 MB as the required free hard-disk space to accommodate logs.
What can you do to keep old log files, when free space falls below 45 MB?
A.Define a secondary SmartCenter Server as a log server, to transfer the old logs.
B.Configure a script to archive old logs to another directory, before old log files are deleted.
C.Do nothing. Old logs are deleted, until free space is restored.
D.Use the fwm logexport command to export the old log files to other location.
E.Do nothing. The SmartCenter Server archives old logs to another directory.

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