Avaya Avaya-Certification 132-S-911
試験番号: 132-S-911

試験の名称: Specialist IP Telephony Implement and Support Elective Exam

問題と解答:199 Q&As
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1.Prior to putting the system into service, you test the Local Survivable Processor (LSP) failover
capability on the G700 Media Gateway with an S8300 Server. If you unplug the network
connection to the G700 Media Gateway the G700 Media Gateway does not search for a
secondary CLAN or any other LSP. What should you do to ensure that LSP failover has been
properly configured? (Choose two.)
A. You should refresh the IP address
B. You should check the controller IP address
C. You should check the LSP transition points
D. You should run session mgc to bring up the Show Call Control Status screen
Answer: A,B

2 .Your customer is unable to light message waiting lights at a small branch office using a shared
Intuity voice mail system on a QSIG network running DCS. What is the first command you should
A. list ip-interfaces
B. list media-gateway
C. display-ip-network-region
D. status station
Answer: C

3 .DHCP option codes 128 to 254 are reserved for site-specific options. A single number out of this
range is commonly utilized by vendors to configure their Avaya IP phones via DHCP (Option 176).
Which additional option code supports vendor-specific options?
A. 3
B. 23
C. 43
D. 63
Answer: B

4 .What color is the LED when a TN circuit pack is executing a test?
A. Red
B. Green
C. Yellow
D. Amber
Answer: B

5 .You are migrating from a Definity server to an S8500/S87XX server. Where is the IPSI board
A. It is always placed into slot number 1.
B. The location depends on which media server is used.
C. It can be slotted into any available media gateway slot.
D. The location depends on which media gateway is used.
Answer: C

6 .Which Communication Manager (CM) feature utilizes PSTN connectivity when IP WAN bandwidth
limit has been reached?
A. Inter-Gateway Alternate Routing
B. Intra-Gigabit Analytical Resource
C. Intelligent Global Access Routing
D. Intelligent Gatekeeper Associated Routes

7.Which two Avaya Communication Manager commands display the VoIP statistics of a specific
extension active on call? (Choose two.)
A. Status station
B. Display station
C. List trace station
D. Display trace station
Answer: B

8 .Which two statements are true about DHCP? (Choose two.)
A. A DHCP server is required to configure all Avaya IP telephones
B. A DHCP server can be used to send the DNS server address to the client
C. One DHCP server is required for each subnet containing clients that require the service
D. A DHCP server is used to send an IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway address to
the client
Answer: A,C

9 .A customer has purchased 20 Avaya IP telephones over a period of three years. Knowing that the
IEEE 802.3af standard has been ratified, the customer decided to purchase a C360-PWR switch
to provide in-line power to the IP telephones. However, only 15 of the phones power up when they
are connected to the C360-PWR. Upon investigation you discover the five phones which would not
receive power from C360-PWR are Generation 1 models that are not 802.3af compliant. Which
three methods should you use to power these phones? (Choose three.)
A. 356A adapter
B. Individual power brick
C. 1152A1 mid-span unit with adapter
D. Other vendor 802.3af compliant device
E. IP phone 4600 Ethernet 30A base switch
Answer: A,B,D

10 .In an Enterprise Survivable Server (ESS) scenario, how do you save translations to your ESS
A. Savetrans
B. Savetrans all
C. Save ESS settings
D. Savetrans cluster ESS
Answer: A

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