Juniper Networksの認証と試験準備のための最新のトレーニング教材の認証の候補者と電流を供給します。killtestのJuniper Networksのリソースには絶えず変更されている関連性と精度を保証できます。

Juniper Networks試験は今も掲載のJNCIA認定試験模擬問題と演習問題を、試験別と範囲別に一覧することができます。解答と解説とともに受験前の直前対策、苦手分野の克服などにご活用下さい。試験番号はJN0-100テストはkilltest全部提供いたします。気楽に試験を通すように助けます、ご使用になってください!

1. Which major J-Web menu should you use to upgrade the JUNOS software on the router?
A. Monitor
B. Maintain
C. Diagnose
D. Configuration
Answer: B
2. How many IP addresses can be configured in a given interface?
A. one primary and one secondary IP address
B. one IP address
C. as many IP addresses as you want
D. one primary and multiple secondary IP addresses
Answer: C
3. On a Juniper router, what is the default file used for syslog messages?
A. system
B. errors
C. security
D. messages
Answer: D
4. Which command is a valid way to view the status of an interface?
A. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 extensive
B. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 status
C. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 health-info
D. > show interfaces fe-0/0/0 verbose
Answer: A
5. Which statement is correct about the validate option when upgrading JUNOS software?
A. It will check the MD5 checksum of the install package.
B. It will check if the device meets the memory requirements for the install package.
C. It will check the compatibility of the configuration with the install package.
D. It will check if the device meets the storage requirement for the install package.
Answer: C
6. Which three statements are true of dynamic routing protocols? (Choose three.)
A. They are scalable.
B. They are Dijkstra based.
C. They share network layer reachability information among neighbors.
D. They automate next hop decisions..
E. They are tolerant of configuration errors.
Answer: ACD
7. Click the Exhibit button.
The routing policy shown in the exhibit has been applied as an export policy under protocols OSPF. The
static route for destination is not being advertised as it was expected.
[edit policy-options policy-statement accept-10]
lab@London# show
term 1 {
from protocol static;
then reject;
term 2 {
from {
protocol static;
route-filter exact;
then accept;
How can the configuration be corrected to allow the route to be advertised?
A. rename term 2 to term 1
B. rename term 1 to term 3
C. insert term 1 after term 2
Answer: C
8. What represents the decimal equivalence of 11000000 10101000 10101100 11110001?
Answer: B
9. On a Juniper Router, where is the JUNOS software located?
B. Zip drive
C. hard drive
D. compact flash
Answer: D
10. Which two statements regarding JUNOS architecture are correct? (Choose two.)
A. The Routing Engine handles all exception traffic.
B. The Routing Engine synchronizes the route table with the PFE.
C. The Routing Engine is hot-pluggable.
D. The Routing Engine controls the PFE.
Answer: CD


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